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I like!

Good exercise... the debate was good, but it would have been better for Richard to remain more neutral. I agree with he and Larkin on the anarchist philosophy, but as a moderator it seemed to much like it was two vs one.

I think Tom did a good job, although it's often difficult to wrap the mind around the philosophy of anarchy/voluntaryism so I could see why he hesitates so often and doesn't directly answer questions.

One point Tom had been cornered to and what he settled with is the idea of a implied Hobbesian social contract. I reject that notion morally and in practice, but this point of debate should be elaborated on. Overall this was a very good debate.

Thanks Larkin for the conviction and clarity of arguments because it will help others refine their communication about the very nature of government. Thanks Richard for moderating and putting this together. Thanks Tom for very good points and providing color to English law. Cheers!

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