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First of all, I'm not upset with you

Yes, I called you a shill. Do I think you are one? No. But I want to you think about how it feels to be called one.

Because you basically called EVERYONE who disagrees with some of what Rand Paul says / does "a neocon shill" in your title. And unlike me, most people don't read the whole post. They just read headlines. Hell, I don't blame them. People are busy. They only have time to scan headlines.

And so you want me to host that headline of the front of the DP? Nope. Sorry.

You can change the title,if you want, but as it stands, the post itself is fairly infantile as well.

They are scared of us coalescing into a united front with the conservatives and kicking their asses sweeping away the old guard.

This is an assertion. Where is the argument to back it up? Do you know the difference between an assertion and an argument?

For now, let's just take your unfounded assertion as fact. What should we do about those people who are trying to divide the movement? Should we banish them from the DP? Ban them?

Be careful what you wish for, and be careful of the assertions that you lob in the midst of revolution, because they can come back to haunt you.

For example:

Now I know not everyone dissing Rand is a shill but there are definitely agitators here trying to stir the pot and keep us divided.

I formally accuse you of being one of the "agitators...trying to stir the pot and keep us divided." Your title is CLEAR evidence of that.

What should I do with shills such as you?

Do you think this is a game? We're talking about Revolution here. Study them - revolutions. This is not a game.

Sometimes it is the accusers who are the ones that are haunted, and hunted because of their words. They can come back to bite. A simple example is above.

Be careful with your words.

I have my concerns about him but we have nothing to lose that we haven't already and lots to gain.

Nothing to lose? Really? What happens if you get duped and played for a useful idiot? You lose nothing? Really?

I disagree. But if again, if we take your assertion at face value, this is my response: Is that the best argument you have? "What the heck, we've got nothing to lose, and no one better so let's roll the dice." Really? Roll the funcking dice? That is your best argument?

Sorry, but that is the lamest argument I have ever heard.

- - - -

Again, I don't think you're a shill. But I don't think you've thought out your position very well. And I resent ignorant people carelessly handling flamethrowers. Especially on my dime.

Please, read it over:

Don't become one. And please - don't use the DP to recruit others.

And after you've read it, please change your title.

He's the man.