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Comment: actually has him pegged:

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actually has him pegged:

in this quote he's got Rand's strategy pegged pretty well:

“But the real issue — and the reason McCain is upset with all of this — is that this is a way to get into the issue... Rand Paul’s opposition largely has to do with drone attacks overseas, and that is what McCain wants to protect, and what Rand Paul ultimately wants to undermine. But he cleverly chose an issue on which everybody agrees.”

and that is my main reason for LOVING the filibuster. while he kept boiling it down to that sharp edged question and reeling in some mainstream republicans on it, he was continually pointing out the problems with the drone program abroad. the great thing is, the right's not really buying Krauthammer here, mostly because the domestic issue also did need addressed; but ultimately it's not too hard to start envisioning a growing right-based movement against the whole of the drone program, at least expanding their issue to US citizens abroad. this was an amazing first shot, and some of the most brilliant political maneuvering whilest staying spot on to principles that I've ever seen. which is why it's gotten the whole spectrum shook up, both the left and the right are split on how to respond to it. if he can find ways to do this more, he'll have a real shot at an upset in 2016.