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Comment: This guy must not have got

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This guy must not have got

This guy must not have got the memo. The pupose behind creating these humiliating and traumatic scenes for children surrounding these obviously absurd incidents has to do with brain biology. The way these events are reported are even affecting the way you and I think about guns, and I mean the physical processes our brains go through when the subject comes up. By creating this kind of cognitive dissonance and emotional charge and relating it to a specific object or subject, our perception of guns begin to change, even at a physical level dealing with neural pathways and other brain chemistry. Guns are no longer just another tool, or a common item found in every home. They now carry with them an emotional, even a traumatic memory. This causes the brain to suspend reason and logic when dealing with the subject and resort to a fight or flight type of mode in order to defend against the pain, humiliation, or confusion that it has stored from previous events. Eric Holder made the statement about how we must change change the way people think about guns, I think he even used the term brain washing. Well they have achieved it. It doesn't even really matter what side of the issue you are on, if they can successfully deliver humiliating trauma, disorientating confusion, or extreme emotion surrounding the object, then they have taken a big step toward bypassing the firewall of reason in your mind and opened up access to the primal emotional part of the brain that is easier to control.