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Thanks man - I totally did not see the Data 1976 at the bottom. My apologies! I was reading toooo fast.

It appears to be all Afghan-specific. C'est la vie. I was hoping that someone out in cyberland had less of a life than me and compiled all of the mineral sites across Asia and Africa for 2010+. Looks like I'm the lucky winner of that good-for-all task concerning Africa.

Roger the USGS minerals tables; it's exactly what I need, however, I was hoping to cut a corner and have it post-table shapefile format. Wishful thinking! :)

I will keep you in mind for any of my graphic design needs (I, too am a graphic designer, but time is never on my side, so sometimes I do outsource--I'm sure you can relate.) Thank you for the support, and my email is hdpearl11 (at) gmail (dot) com. I have changed it, so I shall change it on DP, too. Sorry about that!

~ 'Fire