Comment: Just as in Nature

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Just as in Nature

Things that are possible tend to happen.

Holder's statement leaves open hundreds of ways for the Usurpers to rid themselves of political opposition. Kidnapping, indefinite detainment, and assassination can all be done without weaponized drones.

It also leaves open the possibility to use Weaponized Drones to kill Americans on US soil that are suspected of being engaged in combat. Just as in the video that Manning released, "It looks like he has an RPG, KILL THEM ALL!"

The Feds have put a Straight Jacket on ALL Americans in order to protect us from the 'terrorists' and from ourselves. They are improving the restraints and as the jacket gets tighter, it is going to hurt much more trying to get it off.

Do yourself a favor, look up the definition of 'Terror' and see if the Federal Gov't is the Primary source of it.