Comment: I often watch NASCAR

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I often watch NASCAR

because our neighborhood has a pool and its a great social event.

That said, watching the race yesterday, Kenny Wallace piped in saying that NASCAR is "All about the fans". I guess it is, it is about shoving the sponsors' products down our throats for several hours a week.

It is about Monopolizing millions of people's buying habits. It is about selling cars, candy, and dozens of other consumables.

A Neighbor of mine, a car salesman, loves NASCAR and all the advertising. He often states how incredibly stupid most people are and if you can create Pain in the minds of those you wish to sell to, you can sell them just about anything as long as you can convince them the pain YOU placed in the head will go away.

I often tell him how I don't fit that model and his reply "People like you make up about 2% of the population, when we come across people like you, we walk away."

NASCAR, NFL, MLB, and all the others about Entertainment and Brainwasing. When the Romans periodically came close to revolt, the Emperor held extravagant Games in order Entertain the masses till some temporary solution was devised or the Military/Plebeians could be positioned to quell any uprising.

The US has perpetual Games that are funded by the Central Planners (monopolists).