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obsession with the presidency

Why would you think that Rand and we who support him are wanting to run other's lives? Ron Paul said the GOP has lost it's way, and many of us see that, and understand that trying to get those who are legally addicted to systems that operate on a Keynesian economic modle.. and why we joined the GOP and took seats, and run for offices, to liberate us from unconstitutional laws, not to run other people's lives.

Ron Paul was a Libertarian for all of 6 months. I was a libertarian for 17 years, and went indy after I witness the 92 stolen election and joined with Nader to open ballots and debates for third parties, and I was really getting upset that as hard as we worked in the LP, we were always given some Republicans who only became a Libertarian to run for president because for some reason, the LP doesn't promote from within, with the exception of a few authors.. other than that.. I think the LP and Americans Indy/ Constitution Parties are made by design to empower the GOP group in control.. Neos..

The namecalling stuff is ugly and reflects on the person who uses it.

Rand is brilliant, was sign waving for Ron before many of us knew who Ron was.. he has grown up in politics and how he saw the opportunity to pitch a fillabuster.. no one had to come to Rand and say, now here's the plan... Maybe Benton did.. but I doubt it, although he's smart too. Those who support Ron Paul and are not in the GOP have issues with Rand because he's GOP. I wish them much success getting someone to represent them better than Rand.

As a republican, gearing up for a presidential election when you have a candidate, someone that has never run, but their Dad did, and they know people, and this is a great time to be a republican because we are the future, and we are standing with Rand.. inside the GOP, in seats and offices to assure Rand, he is not solo, but we are here to back him, just like we backed his Dad, who many of us were not in office or seats.. we were waving signs. Nothing wrong with waving signs, it's just better to help a president when you have other offices filled with happy supporters, eh? (((((((dducky))))))