Comment: Are we being "punked" here or something?

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Are we being "punked" here or something?

This is one of the most unmitigated pieces of garbage I have seen on this site. Listening to this chick would have you believe that Ron Paul' with his refined method of "bringing home the bacon" to a small political subdivision, had mysteriously amassed a nationwide, no correct that, a world wide network of support that rattled the foundations of our sick political system.
She further goes on to opine that the only individuals intelligent enough to properly interpret the Constitution are those that have played the political system the best and have been ASSIGNED a judgeship(operative word capitalized) by a political entity that is looking to stack the deck in it's favor. Well that's been working out well for our rights and freedom's hasn't it?
Rand's priorities towards drones have not been in error. As much as it pains me to admit, I have been able to adjust to the thievery of my government and to even thrive a bit, I don't think I could handle a hellfire missile quite as capably. His focusing upon the drone issue was merely a start to try to have American's realize how far down the path to tyranny and the murder of it's citizens we have allowed our government to travel down.

If not us than who?