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✿✿I just see the position of POTUS as irrelevant.✿✿

Everybody is just so obsessed with it. Not just libertarians but the entire gamut. I think the reason is that the media (read: PTB) is pushing it. They know we feel more and more helpless as a group and use the presidency to quell our frustration.

When Carroll Quigley tells us that the two-party system is designed so we can 'vote the rascals out', I believe him. I intuitively it my whole life that's why I never voted, except for Ron (thrice). I knew he was not part of the system. Rand, I don't know.

Deibold. Bankers. Money. Rove. Just some other lil' problems.

Anyway, I guess I throw out my two cents in these threads because I fell like Rand is hijacking our movement. He is not even for peace. He voted for the Iran sanctions twice and for war appropriations (No, not final bill but that's irrelevant. He was okay with the spending, just not the detention amendment along with 14 other Senators). He is not my man and I wished he was not the liberty movement's man. I absolutely, more than anything else, do not want to pay to kill brown people, nor, next up, white people.

I think what you are doing in the GOP is great though. I think there are multiple ways to fight though. You seem like you are doing what you like and are good at. I am still trying to wade around and find my niche. I have got some ideas I am throwing around. I ain't no politician tho. I think you can tell I am not very tactful or well spoken. So, Isa goin' find me niche.

Have a lovely day, (((((Granger)))))