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But to get you started, a

But to get you started, a good setup might have:

A vpn,
A firewall, particular to block phone home programs for this use here;
A number of different browsers hardened, in a virtual disk sandbox like sandboxie; which will work better than cookie managers and see what is going on your harddrive;
a plug-in to change the http headers;
scripting turned off, java, javascript, flash, where possible.

That's not enough though. Anytime you leak any information that might identify you, software updates, logon to a site that has your information - website, google, facebook, twitter, etc your entire session security is compromised at that point - from everything you did on that ip before that time to everything you do in the future - you need to log onto a new ip session and start off. Likewise, if you keep cookies from those sites and or stay logged on, than you are potential compromised everytime you visit a site that has ads..

Likewise, any fingerprinting that could identify you by what you search for. Which means, if you really want to be anonymous, you should change IP's for every new website you log onto, and for a forum like this, ideally, every post page. Else, you will build up a profile by what you read that is different from what other people read. And if you ever - at anytime in the past or future, have your real information linked to that profile, you might be found by your habits in the future, or linked to any records in the past. And because of the advertising, it doesn't just have to be the forum owner that knows your information habits, every advertising, and any fortune 500, fortune 1000, or person who pays for that data between post pages has it too.

And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.