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Comment: I've been in the suburbs most of my life.

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I've been in the suburbs most of my life.

I have only gone to Detroit for an occasional concert or something. We go only with many people. I don't even go to the fireworks for July 4th, because the last time I went, my shirt was grabbed and ripped...but I caught it in time. It's run by cannot fix that. It's their city and has been for years. Those in the local government there, just take what they think is theirs and do nothing. People run red lights, because they are too afraid to stop at them. They don't even get a ticket for it. If you work there, you have to pay a Detroit City tax. Usually, the large companies are highly secured. I have known people to go to Wayne State and you wouldn't believe how many hubcaps and car radios they go through! I cannot even believe someone would want to be a cop there! It's really sad.