Comment: Free energy. Free travel. Free! FREE!! FREEEEEE!!!!

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Free energy. Free travel. Free! FREE!! FREEEEEE!!!!

Governments love to give away "free" stuff so hoaxsters offer the promise of free stuff in return for government subsidies.

Congress knows people want free stuff and they waste billions of dollars in the vain search.

This mis-allocation of resources queers the energy markets. Of course, this is just what the Federal Reserve family of Companies wants is more government borrowing with no possible return on investment.

Governments and Banks create Fiat Money they would love to create Fiat energy. Instead they sell the idea of "Free" energy using the media. It's important to Keynsian economists to promote fiat consumer confidence.

In the case of this green car, France subsidies their Nuclear industry and indemnifies nuclear disasters.

It's a great idea assuming nothing goes wrong.

In the mean-time I will just improve the efficiency of the energy processes I already use.

Combustion processes can be dangerous. I use a carbon monoxide detector to help make sure I wake up in the morning.

Free includes debt-free!