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I'm astounded to learn this info!

Thanks so much for posting this. I really think this should begin it's own topic. People need to know how incredibly horrible our past really was. I wouldn't, however, call that paper too short. At 13 pages of small type, it's kind of drawn out but certainly well worth reading.

Short synopsis IMO: The West as we regularly refer to it was actually a pretty peaceful, harmonious place. People got along very well without violence or government. If they had higher stakes like a cattle ranch or gold mine, they organized groups of interdependent security as long as the member abides by their unanimous rules. This lasted until the US government took over and made it chaotic. (Mostly from corrupt high finance deals.

Then the railroad scam came along and created incentive to exterminate the Indians. They were even very vocal that this was their goal all the way up the chain to Lincoln and later presidents. Killing the existing cooperation of trading with these people, they labeled them barbarians and went on a spree of tribe exterminations one after another. They even went so far as to encourage the extermination of the buffalo to starve Indians of their food source. Men, women, elderly and children were killed, with villages burned to starve any survivors while newspapers were encouraged to post this as a great success.

I call it a great tragedy. THIS history should be taught in schools, not the revised version. I also stumbled on the actual shooting death rate for "the wild west" time frames. Dodge City was known as the worst of the worst, yet it's death rate from firearms peaked at only 3 deaths per 100,000. That's around 1% of current rates. I really hate learning that some 'well known' piece of history was revised so terribly backward... but it does motivate me!