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You say that working for it

You say that working for it would still be laborous; obviously one would have to work, but you never explaind how it would be logical for someone to risk their life to steal that which wouldn't take that much time to work for. All you have to do is look at the LA Riots of the 1990's to see how shop owners protected their places, and how the looters whent elsewhere, so they wouldn't get killed by the armed shop owners.

Yes, the people would have to protect themselves and their property -whether they did it themselves or hired someone- OMG, don't tell me that in a Voluntaryist system people actually have to be responsible for protecting their life, liberty, and property, that's just not fair; that's what other people are for. Why should I pay the full price of someone protecting me and my property when the neighbor should be forced to pay for my protection as well?

The argument you are trying to make about goverment and defense(Police) is the same argument the socialists make about public education -everybody should have to pay for it, even those who don't want or use it. But, you only want others to pay for it so it doesn't cost you so much -spread the cost around. If you want something then you should pay for it; if you don't want to pay for it, then you mustn't really want it all that much then, huh?

So you don't mind paying 25 to 38% in taxes and that Apple only pays 1.4% or GE pays 0%; you are a useful tool. When your government NEEDS nearly 5 trillion dollars a year in revenue; you give away hundreds of billions if not more, thereby creating higher deficts and that is good in your opinion? The only thing that they do with that money is higher more chinese workers anyway. They still don't sell more products thatn they would, because the price is too high to warrent an increase in sales. So, the extra product that they are making -with the money that you pay them through taxes- they, the corporations, throughout or sell on the Black Market to make extra money while useing those losses to get even more money from you from that years tax return.

The Fact that you do not understand how the Government and the Corporations, and Wealthy are siphoning your wealth out of you via the tax code is what makes you so valuble to them; because you will just paying for what they want until the day you die.

In a Voluntaryist system there wouldn't be a tax code to distribute wealth from one group to the next; there goes your Communist claim.

Seriously, do you really think that Apple would keep those prices while constantly holding inventory of their products, if they didn't get tax kickbacks at the end of the year for all of the products which they didn't sell?