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“To Keep or Not To Keep: Why Christians Should Not Give Up Guns

This book is in the final stages and is written by Pastor Chuck Baldwin, and his son, Tim, who's a Constitutional attorney. For those of you who don't know who Chuck is, he's the most vocal voice, in the Christian church today, fighting for TRUTH, LIBERTY, and FREEDOM. He was the Constitutional party's candidate in 2008 (and may I add, was ENDORSED BY RON PAUL that year for POTUS).

Chuck is has been a long-term contributor at a great news and commentary website, He relocated to the Kalispell, MT area a few years ago, where he has the Liberty Fellowship church. I highly recommend watching is weekly message that is streamed live at 2:30 MST every Sunday.
You can also watch video sermon archives. I highly recommend this one - specifically addressing the gun control issue -

Pre-order the book now at

Book Outline

View the book outline below for the new book "To Keep Or Not To Keep".

The Context
The Response
The Direction

Chapter 1: The Burden and Standard of Proof
Burden of Proof
Standard of Proof
Admissibility of Evidence
Magnitude of Evidence
Significance of Evidence

Chapter 2: Interpreting Scriptures
Maxim 1: The Interpretation Must Be Reasonable, Not Absurd
God Expects Man to Act More Justly Than Animals
God Requires Protection and Improvement
Maxim 2: The Greater Principle Contains the Lesser Principle
Law of Sabbath v. Law of Necessity
Jesus Extends Greater Good to Saving Life
You Cannot Please God When Your Interpretation Harms Man
Maxim 3: When an interpretation is susceptible of two meanings—one in favor of natural right and the other against it—the former is to be adopted.
God Created Human Nature: Preservation and Protection
Abraham Used Natural Right to Convince God Not to Kill Innocent People
Natural Rights Serve as Basis for Human Compassion
Old Testament Confirms Natural Rights
Israel Resisted King Saul for Violating Natural Right
Anti-Christ Denies Natural Right

Chapter 3: Scriptural Comparatives of the Right to Keep Arms
Argument 1. “Do Not Resist Evil”
Jesus Shows When Killing is Justified
Jesus Responds to Specific Conditions
Jesus Uses Old Testament Term to Illustrate Christian Doctrine
Turn the Other Cheek
Eye for Eye, Etc.
Love Thy Enemy
Argument 2: “Do Not Render Evil for Evil
1 Thessalonians chapter 5
1 Peter chapter 3
Romans chapter 12
Argument 3. “If You Live by the Sword, You Will Perish by the Sword”
Instructions, “Put Up Thy Sword”, Did Not Prohibit Sword Possession
Jesus’ “It-is-Enough” Response to Inquiry about Number of Swords
“Live by the Sword-Die by the Sword” Statement Confirms Self-Defense
Jesus Uses Old Testament Term To Reveal Meaning
Jesus’ Instructions Opposed Roman Law
The Unrecorded Response of the Soldiers
Roman Warrior Shows Christian Faith
Roman and Hebrew Self-Defense Philosophy Reconfirmed
Argument 4: “Rejoice in Suffering”
"Rejoice in Suffering” is an Old Testament Doctrine
“Rejoice in Suffering Equals No Self-Defense” Is Illogical
Using People or Scriptures?
A Secular Philosopher’s View

Chapter 4: The Christian’s Response
Magnitude of Risk
Context of Probability



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