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Acting childlike?


Determining your future?

The knee jerk reaction of a child might be to leave a challenge in a storm of emotion vowing never to return again to such a...

Hold on there is a phrase that applies here and I can't remember it...

Sour grapes.

Yes, the child claims that the challenge is not one, instead the challenge is like a grape that is sour, so the child knows better than to eat sour grapes, so there...nanny, nanny, poo, poo.

If that is not the case, which matters not to me, then the other possible scenario is a determined estimate of the cost benefit calculation whereby the benefits of remaining connected to this Web Page Forum is too high in cost, too low in benefit, and therefore the reasonable thing to do is to cancel the membership?

If, on the other hand, the reasonable thing to do is to merely stop sitting at the computer, stop loading this Forum Page, and start doing other things, for awhile, then this Forum is, in that sense, placed on the shelf, and this place is not locked out of any future of yours: canceled.

The childlike thing, to me, would be to cancel, then rejoin, then cancel, then rejoin, then cancel, then rejoin.

The reasonable (not that I am always reasonable by any measure) thing to do is to simply walk away, do other things, and recharge batteries, which (like going to sleep and then waking up) tends to bring more light on a dark situation, not always, but placing things on the shelf, a hobby, a labor of some kind, even a careful study of things that are vitally important, can be like those troubles you go to sleep with, but upon awakening those same troubles are not as troublesome, and sometimes the solution arrives in your sleep.

I have some book news, and that news is being recorded on my forum. I want to get an idea my wife helped me on, concerning the printing of URL (http:www........) links in a book.

I want to record this idea on my web page in case it is a new idea, and then I can claim to have invented the new idea, with help of course, even if I don't get any "intellectual property rights" (money) flowing to me because I invented the idea.

Probably the idea has already been invented, but I have not seen it yet.

Anyway you slice it, time marches on - so far.