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If your curious... Arcola Street, Detroit MI. Look on the map. We lived closest to Van Dyke. There were tons of houses and the street was really nice back then. Now the houses are gone or abandoned and only 5 left! The opposite side must have been built after we left...still looks decent. But I cannot believe it. You can get real close to the actual homes to look at them. I wish I could show you the family pictures of how it used to look there. Looks like a war zone now!
Also, on our local news, they occasionally show those who care trying to fix up their neighborhood. They complain that it gets destroyed by those who don't care and also complain about garbage sitting out for weeks and no one picks it up. There are those who still live there that care, but there aren't enough of them.

BTW...Kwamee just got convicted of his crimes a couple of hours ago!