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Comment: Is the correct Liberty answer not the following.....

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Is the correct Liberty answer not the following.....

For a liberty politician:

"My personal beliefs are not the question here. The fact is that this nation was founded on RELIGIOUS FREEDOM [story about pilgrims and puritans].... Since you are asking me, with regards to my beliefs, my belief is that the founding fathers were strong supporters of the right to believe and worship as one believes and to not found a government church. That requires all candidate to ensure that the constitution be respected and the government kept OUT of religion and the right to worship and speak as embodied in the 1st amendment of the constitution be respected."

"As far as my PERSONAL beliefs go... what are YOUR personal beliefs? Don't answer, because it's none of my business, just like my beliefs are none of yours beyond the right you have to believe in a literal Creation if that's what you are inclined to believe."