Comment: Its only useful for hobbyists

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Its only useful for hobbyists

Its only useful for hobbyists like him and race cars who arent concerned with daily use, only with an extra punch of power.

compressed air is better in bursts, not in sustained consistent output.

moreover, it took energy to cool that air and its almost certainly terribly inefficient. The best way to use compression as storage is only useful in industrial applications:

There, the problem as usual is that, as you compress air in the 'normal' way, it becomes hotter while you are doing the compression. The goal isn't to make it hotter, as it will just cool down later. The goal is to get as much volume inside the tank as possible at the same temp as it will be used at.

So the industrial compressors pump the air into underground tanks where there is molten salts surrounding the tanks, so the process can remain in what they call an "isothermal" system. Any excess heat generated by compression is taken away by the heat reservoir. (Its not a problem that its already hot down there. Its advantageous because the pump isnt working against itself.)