Comment: No, I'm not, but we've got completely different views.

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No, I'm not, but we've got completely different views.

You see, while I understand there's a possibility of psy-ops agents, neo-cons, or trolls attempting to divide the movement, I don't go around accusing an entire group of people on the DP whom I have a difference of opinion with. Even further, I wouldn't do it without supporting evidence. Who are these people you speak of? What exactly makes them neo-cons? What makes them opposed to the Constitution and Bill of Rights?

You ever seen those users who've been registered to the DP for about a day and then later that day their accounts are deleted? That's because NM and the moderators have identified them as being divisive for the sake of being divisive.

Do I make divisive posts? Absolutely, but I have a purpose of doing so and it's not to cause division in the DP, it's because I (Just like I'm sure others do) have a difference of opinion and I feel justified in displaying it.


Furthermore, I think I need to reiterate a previous comment. Considering the issues I take with Rand are his neo-conservative leanings, it makes absolutely, positively no sense that you'd accuse people in opposition to him to be neo-cons. I've seen the exact opposite.


So, again I say, back your shit up and provide evidence that those speaking out against Rand are neo-cons and that they attempt to undermine the Constitution and Bill of Rights.