Comment: Here's the reason: "The grass is green."

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Here's the reason: "The grass is green."

Being an Anarchist requires a total commitment to denying objective reality.

Words have meaning, and if you call yourself an Anarchist, your agenda to to eliminate, to work against, to subvert the Constitution and the Bill Of Rights.

I know you don't want that to be so obvious and need to hind behind blubbery, but Anarchism is an idea that suffocates under a mountain of it's own blubber.

"If I say the grass is purple, would you believe that statement on its face or would you want...say, pictures to provide evidence of my claim?"

Of course not, because like I just said, words have meaning, just not yours. You saying the grass is purple doesn't make the grass purple. It makes you a liar. There's a reason I can say Anarchists are liars, frauds, users, and destroyers, and there's a reason you can't do anything to stop me.

Here's the reason: "The grass is green."