Comment: Its all about the "middle".

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Its all about the "middle".

I guess thats why I fought so hard against Rand and his compromises in the beginning.

I talked a good "middle" game but when it came down to brass tacks, I wasn't really ready to move that way. Now, I am. Maybe its because "they" (the obombya group/the nwo globalists) moved SO FAR away from anything I could accept that the middle suddenly seemed very appealing. I'm not sure. Either way, I'm here, in the middle, and sticking up for Rand now.

I truly think this middle is a good beginning. Its a good beginning for like-minded dems and the gop. Its a VERY good place to stop this tyranny in it's tracks.

I don't think Rand is being devisive. I think he has drawn a line in the sand.

Henry Clay was known as "the great compromiser". Maybe I am starting to get it.

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