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I did mention Kent Hovind... about Terry Schiavo's family/supporters...remember, she was STARVED to death; death by withholding water for some two weeks because some JUDGE decided whatever?

Who KNEW what she was thinking, who KNEW what she believed ... why Didn't Jeb Bush step in and spare her life?

How about Bob Schulz being told he has "no standing" as many times by the courts?

What's your definition of "persecution"? You want house churches stormed and burned by a communist government? You want blood? You want open burnings? When might you recognize "persecution" of any sort?

What's your definition of a "Christian"?

You know as well as I do, something is coming...the issue at hand is WHOM will we grant stewardship over our government NOW that we've had ENOUGH tyranny-tainted stupidity drafted, introduced, passed into law?

Lying charlatans, the recommended players of the media; this discussion is more that timely and relevant...and...NEITHER evolutionists, nor creationists were there "at the beginning"; therefore BOTH theories are religious, yet it's them creationists that get mocked the most...believe me, for the Liberty MOST in here want; I could be trusted to give it to them by voting "no" incessantly, and crafting words of blistering criticism that I would gladly routinely proclaim from the floor of any legislative body...but you go ahead and join the mockers, thinking you KNOW the age of the Earth...