Comment: Where'd you get the idea that I'm an anarchist?

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Where'd you get the idea that I'm an anarchist?

For the love of God, here we go again. What exactly did I say that would make you think I was an anarchist? In these past several posts I haven't even given examples of my opinion on policies, but I'll list them for you.

  • Foreign policy: I'm a non-interventionist.
  • Monetary policy: I want the gold standard back and I oppose the federal reserve.
  • Fiscal policy: I don't want the government to spend more than it takes in.
  • Social policy: I want laws to be abolished on the federal level and brought back to the state level.

I'm a firm believer in the Constitution and Bill of Rights. I'd like to see tax rates down to 0% and I support Ron Paul in every position he's ever taken.


Going back to the grass is purple comparison, I'd say that's as much of a lie as you claiming I'm an anarchist. Again, I ask, what ever possessed you to assume I am one? But you proved my point because I was making a ridiculous claim - one that I could not give evidence to prove. You made a ridiculous claim, but you were serious about it. Laughably, you also had no evidence to prove it.