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Can you point

to me any religious person or collectivist who uses his rational faculty consistently? Capitalism, as economic basis of free society, comes from reason. Reason was the motivating factor of the Enlightenment and the founding fathers. People (majority) who operate under irrational morality (based on sacrifice for common good or universal neighbor) or inconsistent irrational thinking (based on emotions, envy, resentment, humility, beer, drugs, miracles, equating eating sh{i}t in gay bathhouses with normal human behavior, etc) can NOT maintain a free society for long.

So the answer is obvious, humans did not live up to the standards of a fully rational man yet. Capitalism had never been implemented 100%. But what was implemented had demostrated its potential. Likewise, collectivism in form of socialism, syndicalism, corporatism, progressivism, fascism had demostrated itself well enough.

As long as government is separated from economy (monopoly on money, redistribution of wealth, etc), it loses its tyrannical ability.