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hawk, I was going to stay out of this, but now you are slandering a specific man. David Duke does not bash Jews, he tells the truth about Zionism. C'mon, I expect better from an Idahoan. Our state is stereotyped because it was the first area in the country to take a vocal stand against the Zionists controlling our government. Duke has a pretty ugly past... So do I. I peddled poison for Pharma, spent decades as a bleeding heart environmentalist worried about global warming... You going to hold that against me? Duke speaks truth, best he can without beating around the bush or apology.

And if Nystrom happens to see this... I think you are being a little hard on hawkiye, for what it is worth. (More than a FRN is worth, anyway...) I took the post as his expression of joy at seeing a ray of hope. Honestly, I was keenly aware of his wording because I think he was trying to not insult me, specifically. He knows I am not a Rand fan, and yet he remains my friend. I don't really share that hopeful view, but if he sees hope in Rand, that is OK. We all have time before we are committed to any position. Even those who think they are committed... I got downvoted into obscurity for ASKING what people would do if they offered us a Paul / Bush or Bush / Paul ticket. Apparently, it is a DP sin for many to consider what may lie ahead... People who THINK they are 100% behind Rand may get second thoughts yet, and those of us who think the whole thing is rigged may see Rand pull some rabbit out of the hat that will get us behind him the way we got behind his dad.

It just makes me sad to see two of my favorite people not getting along... when I know damn well you two are both such fine people. Can we have a group hug now?
((((Nystrom / Hawkiye))))

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.