Comment: I don't want to presuppose anything but, what if...

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I don't want to presuppose anything but, what if...

what if Rand and Ron KNEW that without us mittens could NOT win? We said it, we hoped it, but, perhaps, they KNEW it. So, supporting mittens ONLY served to act as Rand's "buy in" to the ptb. He took the hit and the ends justify the means...?

They accepted his "conversion". Rand also went to is-hate-real and "bought in" to that. That gives one a LOT of capital around this country vis a vis the propaganda machine (limburger, shammity, etc.).

Now, everything else, we fight against. Sounds like a good place to define the middle to me. Anyone else see this? Agree? Disagree?

What are your thoughts, SH? Believe me, NO ONE hated Rand as much as me for "dissing" his father. Maybe, as much, but not more. They, Ron and Rand, HAD to see ahead, look ahead, and accept reality. Remember that "look" on Rand's face in the primaries when he could have bitten nails in two?

Maybe, just maybe, they began charting a "future" then, a future we are all living in now.

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