Comment: So, tell me what's wrong with Anarchism?

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So, tell me what's wrong with Anarchism?

"What exactly did I say that would make you think I was an anarchist?"

'Unless you link profiles of users and comments they've made, you've got absolutely no evidence to support your argument.'

(I did)

When I see somebody trying to deny objective reality and defending Anarchists as something other than what they are, I have to assume you're an Anarchist. (Being an Anarchist requires a total commitment to denying objective reality)

I trust that people's eyes are open and can see for themselves. I'm not going to go pick through every comment ever made to prove Anarchists are what they say they there.

Words have meaning, just like the grass is green, and nobody is forced to call themselves an Anarchist. They CHOOSE to be Anarchists, and not all of them can be honest about what they are. Some know that they need to pretend to be something else. (people hate Anarchists and that doesn't lend well to using people who hate you)

I know that the grass is green because my eyes are open. It doesn't matter that the emperor claims he's wearing finery, the court can still see he's wearing no clothes.

If you aren't an Anarchist, why not? Whats wrong with Anarchism? Break it down for me.

"I support Ron Paul in every position he's ever taken."

Ron Paul is a Voluntarist who thinks you can opt out of society while still living in it, and any honest Anarchist will tell you that makes him an Anarchist. I don't support Ron Paul in every position he's ever taken. I'm no mind slave.

I want you to be the owner of your own mind, body and labor, and Ron Paul is wrong when he says his message is perfect, otherwise the world would be filled with Anarchists, but it's not. In fact, the world fully rejects Anarchism because buying into requires you deny the existence of what destroys it, that you hide your eyes to the truth, that you pretend the grass is purple.

Sorry, I need more than purple grass. I want the truth.