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Couple points (And I am

Couple points (And I am Christian):

1) God is bigger than mockery. Put your trust in him. Not world opinion.

2) Everything you mentioned, you have assigned or labeled as a blow to Christianity. Those things are very much independent situations that don't necessarily reflect the fate, growth, or collapse of Christianity. You are simply drawing narratives. We could point to the massive growth of Christianity in Africa and China and draw a completely different narrative.

3) Churches being stormed and burned by a communist government have not happened here nor are we facing that, save the paranoia in your head.

4) Christian: Follower of Jesus Christ and a belief in the common orthodoxy (Basically, Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholic, and Mainline or Evangelical Protestant)

5) You were not present in Jesus' time to say he even existed. However, there is some science and archeology that proves of his existence. That same testable, repeatable method also proves the world is older than 6000 years. I see no reason to discount the method that has proved Jesus' existence, cured numerous diseases, furthered technology for the better, and happens to saw that life evolved in complexity over millions of years.

At the end of the day, you're allowed to believe what you want. I kind of feel like you're turning God-mockery into an idol in and of itself. If you believe in a great God, you know he is bigger than mockery and that those who commit this, will face those sins someday.