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The first goddamned line of

The first goddamned line of the OP ASKED THE QUESTION " Anyone else notice?" even before I changed anything. Lots of people have agreed some have not so what?

You take my title out of context from the OP and then make up a false construct in your own mind and accuse me of your false construct. You Claimed I blanket condemned anyone who does not support Rand right after you quoted me saying I didn't... Get a grip man.

Are you seriously trying to tell us that you don't believe there are any neocon shills here trying to keep us divided? If so you are in denial and acting the useful idiot you keep accusing me of being.

The proof is obvious by some of the absurd comments of these trolls if you don't agree fine but don't put word in my mouth. Just look most any post by FreedomsReigning this guy is claiming to be a libertarian but doesn't know the first thing about libertarianism. Or rp4pres

I didn't back away from my title. You are reading things into the title that are not there. The OP gives the context of the title not your false construct.

Having and voicing my concerns with Rand while pointing out obvious shills pushing a divide using him does not contradict anything. You are just trying to reinforce your false construct that I am condemning anyone who doesn't support Rand.

You knee jerked reacted and now are desperately trying to defend your false argument... Its your board delete the goddamned thread if it sticks in your craw so much I don't care but quit trying to put words in my mouth that clearly are not there!

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