Comment: Does Ron Paul deny that he's an Anarchist?

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Does Ron Paul deny that he's an Anarchist?

"I support Ron Paul in every position he's ever taken."

Ron Paul calls himself a Voluntarist, and you support him in every position he's ever taken.

Are there any Anarchists here who'll deny that Ron Paul is an Anarchist? (Nope.)

Has he bothered to tell people what's wrong with Anarchism? (Nope.) He thinks his message is perfect.

How did he do defending the Constitution? Is he defending it or trying to show people that it's a broken document and indefensible? Why with so much airtime did he get so little accomplished? Why pull his punches the way he does? Why tell you to hide your shows of support, to blend in with the crowd, and to only parrot his talking points? Why run a campaign unless you're trying to win?

Why ask Ben Bernanke "what is money" rather than exposing him as a fiat slaver and a crook?

He's 'trying to save the dollar'. The "dollar" is word that has meaning. A dollar has nothing to do with money or a store of value. He may as well be saying he's 'trying to save monopoly money'.

If "the dollar" was a slug of silver with our Federal Government coining and regulating it's value, I would agree with him, but you can't save something that's already been destroyed and corrupted.