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Well, lets play semantics then.

I had to be educated out of the notion that "charity" is charitable. I will do my teacher a grave disservice trying to pass this lesson along, but I am going to try anyway.
If you do something for someone else, you have denied them the opportunity to do it for themselves. While they may initially be grateful that you got them out of a jam, what you have done long term is teach them that the way out of a jam is to wait for someone to come save you. You also reinforce within them that they are not able to take care of their own problems. If you do something for YOU, you bear the brunt of any mistakes and you gain any deserved rewards. If you succumb to the pseudo-religious notion that loving yourself is evil, you are spitting in the face of your Creator. If you cannot love yourself, and take care of yourself, and put your needs at the top of your to do list, you are robbing yourself of being the BEST you possible. I give stuff to my community all the time. These days it is mostly aquaponics related. I give away fish, plants, parts for systems, will be giving away an entire system next month. Do I pat myself on the back for all this "charity" I do? Hell no. I am honest with myself, and know the best way to keep my family from being murdered for our food is to make sure my neighbors have their own food. To an outside observer, I seem really, really generous. But truth is, since it is "all about me" I am really very, very selfish. It is because I embraced the fact that my Creator put me here to be ME that I became able to just be me and do what I do, and have that appear as "generous."
I"m going off the wall now, hang on. Do you think Jesus was charitable? Do you think he loved everyone else more than he loved himself? I do not. He called himself the "Son of God" and if I claim to be a "daughter of God" I will be told I am an arrogant twit. Maybe I am, because I believe I AM the "daughter of God" and I think Jesus was "arrogant" just like me. Now, he was better at it than me, but unless we appreciate ourselves, we will waste our lives trying to feel better about hating ourselves by doing "charity" to feel good about instead.
Sorry, Nezzie, I knew I'd blow it.
The punch line: Since I do what I do from a place of love, those who derive benefit from my actions correctly perceive them as an act of love. Those who give to feel better about themselves give a gift tainted with self loathing, and THAT is what makes people "ashamed" when they have to accept charity.

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.