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Just wondering...

Your post is also very deceptive. There are several persecuted Christians around the world; you post just says : 0. I can give you hundreds of personal/family stories of persecution. Including individuals beaten and jailed for saying "Jesus is the only way."

Also, just wondering; Is your post inferring that the earth is younger than 6,000 years old? What Christians believe that? You're correct that idea is laughable; but it's more laughable that you imply the Bible states such.

Simply put, if someone only gets 1 chapter into the Bible, and they summarize that the earth is 6,000 years old; they should probably go back to 1st grade and work on reading/logic skills.

The Earth could have existed 10,000,000,000 years before the sun was put in place - given the words of Genesis. The 24 hour earth 'day' didn't even exist until after the fourth day - in which the sun/cycle was established for the counting of time. So clearly, the earth was not created in 7 "24-hour, earth days." If one thinks that, they would probably fail a state-mandate 5th grade reading test. Seriously, how could these days be 168 hours, when '24-hour days' didn't even exist yet? They could've been 1 billion year 'days.'

Most of the things that sound "crazy" in the Bible, are what preachers "SAY" is in the Bible; not what is actually written. Read it as it is; study in depth how history/science back it up. It's actually quite interesting. More-so, if you can, read the greek/hebrew versions of the Bible. Some of the words we translate to in English diminish the impact and power of some of the scriptures.