Comment: "and deservedly so."

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"and deservedly so."

Interesting that he chose to quote MacBeth. There are some that think Shakespeare was cryptically trying to expose the Illuminati in MacBeth:
"Does anyone have the answer to who first exposed the illuminati/nwo and when they did? How did they find out? What was their source?
Shakespeare mentions them in Macbeth, but it's quite cryptic.

Act 2, Scene 3

SCENE III. The same.

Knocking within. Enter a Porter


Here's a knocking indeed! If a
man were porter of hell-gate, he should have
old turning the key.

Knocking within
knock, knock! Who's there, i' the name of
Beelzebub? Here's a farmer, that hanged
himself on the expectation of plenty: come in
time; have napkins enow about you; here
you'll sweat for't.

Knocking within
knock! Who's there, in the other devil's
name? Faith, here's an equivocator, that could
swear in both the scales against either scale;
who committed treason enough for God's sake,
yet could not equivocate to heaven: O, come
in, equivocator.

Knocking within
knock, knock! Who's there? Faith, here's an
English tailor come hither, for stealing out of
a French hose: come in, tailor; here you may
roast your goose.

Knocking within
knock; never at quiet! What are you? But
this place is too cold for hell. I'll devil-porter
it no further: I had thought to have let in
some of all professions that go the primrose
way to the everlasting bonfire.

Knocking within
Anon, anon! I pray you, remember the porter."

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.