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You don't need God for rights to exist...

You just need Reason. Luckily, if you believe in God, He gave us this gift. With reason we can deduce that every man/woman has a right to his labor, and a right to rule his or her household. We also have a right to come together as a society to make our lives better. This is labeled the Social Contract. I also believe in order from disorder, or emergence. This is where we get the order we see in ant colonies, neurons in the brain, and Reason. It comes with the universe we are inhabiting. The laws of physics, chemistry, and biology work together to form order from disorder.

As a panentheist, I can place myself in the category of atheist because to me "everything is God" is as credible as "nothing is God". I do not want lawlessness, nor do I wish for a tyrant who is lawless himself legislating laws. There have been tyrants who are religious as well. Most issues are not black and white as a whole, only black and white in the specifics.

-Matthew Good