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Spanish Inquisition.

Spanish Inquisition. Crusades. Knights Templar. Over two thousand years of torture, rape and murder all in the name of your @#$%ing cosmic tyrant. Hate, Xenaphobia, coersion and the worst.. the stinking double think. You call hate love. Coersion, free will. Every natural impulse of our species, sinful evil. You take credit for everything we work for. Every victory you attribute to your god, every failure you blame on someone else though. You even give your fear-based system of obey or die coersion credit for liberty and natural law, the antithesis of Christianity.

I feel so sorry if a few Christians are starting to feel butt-hurt when their primitive belief system is getting made fun at last. In the past you wouldn't have to put up with it. Anyone who thinks too much, anyone who doesn't bow down to your dogma anyone who speaks about herretical things such as the earth not being flat, gravity, EVOLUTION... your sadistic churches would have been twisting the thumb-screws and lighting people on fire. Now you have to take it. The free market is killing your psychotic cult of anti-learning and intollerance. Enjoy the ridicule, your faith has most certinly earned it. Just be glad that no one is doing to Christians what Christians have done to others in the past who disagreed.