Comment: More Government Tyranny - Drones in America

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More Government Tyranny - Drones in America

If you really analyze the drone discussion, Rand assumes its ok to have weaponized and survellence drones controlled by our servants here in America. The globalists always go big and take 5 steps forward. If they get a little less, they still took 3 steps forward. Our demand is the true intent of the Founders, that We the People are the true masters of Government. The Founders would never have allowed our Servants to have more power than we the Masters. Look at the George Washington era. There was no standing army. The People held the firepower. The central govt was tiny and powerless. Not the case today. We the People must quit being fooled and allowing our Servants to frame the discussions. Drones in America is Tyranny. Period.

The Founders intent of the 2nd Amendment was that We the People would always retain MORE FORCE and POWER than our Servants.

We the People must quit allowing ourselves to be lead by others and the media. We the People must think for ourselves and what it truely means to be the Masters of this nation and our government.