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Much as I found in my local

Much as I found in my local GOP which we took over: Not all of the Neocons are bought and paid for. Some just want to be on the winning team. They are misinformed and don't know the things we do. They have lacked truly conservative, liberty-leaning leaders, and believed the lie told to them on the MsM about how we are all crazy.

When we took the lead in our district and began to call bullshit on the old ways of doing things, the big tax big spend neocons, many of the rank and file crossed over. You could tell they were relieved and that like most humans, they were closet libertarians. We swept the votes and took power.

Can it be so differant in DC? Not "every" congressman and senator is bought and paid for. Many are going along to get along. The Banking Empire can only buy so many. They own the "leaders" and in the past, that was always enough to guide the bleeting followers. However things are-a changin. When Libertarianism becomes "normal" and our people like Rand become heroic in the eyes of the public, that will be the sanction that many of the bleeting congress need to come over to our side.

Rand is approaching them as you would a frightened sheep. Slowly and carefully, using a language and tone which won't scare them away. He holds out the carrot and they are coming over to our side little by little. Because thats why they are people. They aren't dumb, they aren't evil, however they have been brainwashed and lied too for an entire generation by their TVs. They "believed" Ron Paul was crazy without ever truly hearing a word he said because people they "trusted" told them it was so. It was "normal" to think it so. Those days are changing. The cracks are appearing in the dam.

Remember, when an idea hits 10%, it spreads like wildfire. The sheep will NEVER understand why liberty is good, why the FED is bad, or why drones are bad; but it doesn't matter. When our ideas become normal, they will vote this way.