Comment: Holy Bible is Highly Symbolic

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Holy Bible is Highly Symbolic

Every behavior in the Holy Bible is HIGHLY symbolic for the sake of man, His creation. I've just been rereading the book of Genesis and one of the most important phrases during His acts of creation is "after its own kind". Maintaining the integrity of God's created seed is paramount which fallen angels corrupted and continue to do so. Also notice modern man's manipulation of God's created seed through hybridization, cloning, etc. Remember, that God must communicate to His creation on the level of His creation, i.e. the limits of the sensory system of each created entity. I could relate a story about perception that would seem utterly ridiculous to people who haven't experienced paranormal behavior, but I won't. Suffice it to say that ANYTHING that one perceives may not necessarily BE what the individual thinks it is. Prudence instructs me to qualify my observations as merely MANIFESTATIONS of SOMETHING to the sensory system of humanity which CAN be completely fooled if desired. God rested in a symbolic act to indicate man should rest from his labor as well. Even the number of days of God's labor were cast as an equivalent week for His creation.