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ooh ooh me me me I will I will I will! .o)

it's an AWESOME manifesto of 'disruptive' technology.

Dan dan dan!

our man Cody Wilson & crew at are opening up a new front on the Freedom march! Ready?

Drumroll!!!!! is born! Ta da!

huh? How's that any different from you say?

Well, he intends to become the opensource 'google' of the 3D printing file world!

NO TAKEDOWNS, as the founder of MakerBot, Mr. Bre did, with Defense Distributed's AR files.

It's big baby!

DefDist is destined to become more than just a 'gun file' co.

Cody's vision is to have DefCAD become a library of Alexandria of liberty files (okay so my description)!

Probably in reality, will be more like ThePirateBay: no files on servers, but merely link to them? At least that's my guess. Or, who knows...perhaps a combination; don't think he's outlined the particulars, yet.

As he states, their goal is NOT to just focus on useless "trinkets" like "lawn gnomes" and various emotive little trinkets that currently populate the MakerBot-verse, but "important things" like 3D printed prosthetics, guns, tools, medicines, organs (they're actually already 3D printing organ replacements! and... of course, someone is definitely gonna do 3D printable... 'enlargements' LOL, you know it's coming, it's the net; 90% of it is porn, and the rest are the only '3,000 Ron Paul college libertarians in dorm rooms' lol)

basically anything the 'System' wants to regulate and forbid!

Actually the whole presentation has a very "Steve Jobs" feel to it.

Okay so I'm overly nerding out with embellishments. But it's pretty amazing what Cody and co are doing!

The video production quality and music matched to the montage is awesome, too.

You know, and 'liberals' always wondered why their 'hippie & yippie revolutions' of the late 1960's failed. Well, they lacked one thing: working economic component.

No one can live on a lovey-dovey polyamorous don't know whose kid is who's on a non-productive socialist commune closed off from the rest of the world with no economically viable medium of exchange for things not available on the said commune, to acquire, that OTHERS would be attracted to expand the model, outside of the commune.

But a voluntaryist system based on widely accepted medium of change, via net modularity, with means to keep and protect that said acquired property and services? Destined for success.

We got the Austrian School, and in Cody's case in particular, Bastiat on one hand and the "Individual Mandate" aka, Mikhail Kalashnikov's freedom tool gift to the world: AK47, in the other, and oh, we can, and CHOOSE to print AR receivers.

'Nuff Said!


PS. Not sure what OS or which version of FireFox you're running, but I too always have flash crashing on me. So here's my solution, FireFox Add-on Plugins:

- Flash Blocker
- "DownLoad Helper" and "Easy YouTube Video Downloader"

The Flash Blocker blocks any automatic pre-loading of flash videos. You know how whenever you click on a Youtube video page, it automatically starts playing? Well, it prevents that; it just loads an empty black box with no video with a 'play icon' in the middle of a blanked out YouTube video box.

So, until you actually tell it to load flash extension, PER page by clicking that said 'play' icon, it won't load or play any video. Saves on 'RAM memory leak' so typical on PC's. Also when you do click play icon while still in FlashBlocker mode, it doesn't refresh the entire page, just the YT videobox. Pretty nifty little plugin.

But even without the flash loaded, you can access download options, and you can download YT vids in .mp4 or .flv format via either of those two YT video downloaders. They actually allow you to download flash vids from other websites as well.

Then you can watch them in VLC opensource media player, or whatever player you use. hope that helps!

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul