Comment: Why don't you have this conversation with Ron Paul

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Why don't you have this conversation with Ron Paul

You can be the comedian and tell him how stupid he his for believing in creationism.

And you can tell him how smart you are because you understand how the world works because of what some other people told you. And, you can tell him that you now understand all the great wonders and mysteries of the world including those that science can't explain away. You can tell him this because, you know, science has never been wrong and you have full faith in all their theories.

And you can continue to try to make fun of Ron Paul and other people and for their beliefs because you are so clearly agitated and irritated that you simply just can't keep your mouth shut. You can tell them that "Live and let live. Believe and let believe" is not in your philosophy. Instead you choose to wallow in your intolerance, ignorance, snarky-ness, and bigotry, all the while feigning curiosity and pretending "it's only a question"

Have your joke but know that deep down you are an intolerant bigot.