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I live in northern Kansas close to Nebraska so I don't think I have to worry about africanized bees. We had a colony of wild bees in a large hollow oak for years, then about 3 years ago it came crashing down on the house. I should have tried to move the bees to a hive then but I didn't know anything about it and thought they would move to another one of the trees in the yard. I left the main part of tree they were occupying alone on the ground and cut up the rest. They stayed for a few days but eventually left. Now for the last few years I have nearly zero bees in the garden, I rarely see one. I think the melons and plants that need mechanical pollination are being pollinated by beetles and moths and not doing such a good job of it. So I've been reading all I can and watching a lot of videos. Think I'm going to give it a shot. Good to know there is someone with experience on the DP I can ask advise from if I get into trouble :) Cool story and pictures of your bees! Did you harvest any honey or are you letting them get established?

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