Comment: the problem highlighted is really...

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the problem highlighted is really...

...professing Christians now discounting their own holy book based.on pressure from YOUR progressive, enlightened, pseudo-intellectual side!

It's about having a spine, demonstrating some.courage; not serving the TAX-SUPPORTED religion that has bought our moral and financial demise!

And yes, shaming sodomy(as opposed to rewarding it and encouraging it through force of law against free speech), is definitely more of a mainstream position that believing humanity evolved.from a cosmic burp billions of years ago.

I am well aware that your objection to my worldview is that we WANT to be the moral police, but in all seriousness; don't throw the logic word at creationists when you expect us to infer that our founders faith in a Creator and author of so many moral dictates was infantile; as evidenced by how many decades of prosperity and industrial advancements?

A simple stand against greed, envy, covetousness, and theft derived from a Judeo-Christian ethic clearly is a good thing; fear of future judgment is NOT silly, anymore than is swift and severe punishment as a public example for crimes against one's life, liberty, or property.

It's all or nothing for the Christian; we either have God's Word, or we don't...don't bring that divide and conquer crap my way Bill-O!