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not anti-Rand, nor enemy, nor opponent

Any Republican in the liberty movement who doesn't support Rand2016 re-election is an idiot. Same with a possible Presidential primary run. He's the ONLY horse you RepublICANs will really have in that race. Who else you going to back - Jeb Bush? Herman Cain? Santorum? Rubio? You have no one else. You have all your eggs in one basket. So the question is, whats your plan?

Rove and Michael Reagan have a plan. Their plan is to see McCain and Graham re-elected, and to neuter Rand Paul in the Senate by seeing Mitch McConnell defeated. Within his own party there are many forces with an interest in greatly weakening Rands position before the 2016 GOP race gets underway in spring 2015. Part of that plan is to make supporters and allies, libertarians, constitutionalists, appear to the public just as we're portrayed - like abrasive hothead radical fringe nut-jobs. And they are present here practically round the clock. If you take what John Bolton told students for liberty last week "Want to destroy a movement? Defend the Confederacy!" as a metaphor message instead of a snarky statement, you'll know exactly what to be on the lookout for here. 90% or more of the traffic here are visitors not registered account holders. It's all about the subject header not the body of content, you dig?

My advice to those anticipating a 2016 Rand Presidency is, if you are to have a snowballs chance in haites of beating that RNC cheat machine you witnessed in Tampa; keep gaining committee seats, and throw everything you have behind getting McConnell re-elected. Suck it up. It's politics. It's the path you chose to take. It's the game you chose to play in the party you chose to play it in. Regardless of how the Presidential contest ends, win or lose, Rand the US Senator still has to win re-election in Kentucky in 2016.

Full disclosure: I am a Libertarian. As of right now, today, I can firmly say I will not be putting my efforts and resources to work in the 2016 primary election contest (rigged). I will be putting them to work in the LP nomination process (honest). But in Pennsylvania that will still allow me a primary election vote in the Republican contest or the Democrat contest. I could give it to Rand, or I could give it to the strongest Democratic opponent of Hillary/Biden.

Since 2007, I, like many of you, worked hard and sacrificed a lot organizing a pro-liberty movement in the GOP. In spite of being cheated throughout the process by the establishment, and getting thrown under the RepublICAN bus in the end, and having sand kicked in our faces for having a November Plan-B that didn't include Romney or a write-in, "big L" such as myself want you RepublICANs to succeed. I don't want you to fail. I'm not your opponent. I'm not your enemy. My primary election vote is Rands for you RepublICANs to screw-up and lose between now and then.

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