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Lincoln is worshiped like all war presidents. It's a sick joke. Washington, Jackson, Lincoln, Roosevelt, Wilson, and FDR are all the biggest war mongers and national 'heroes'. So when the last fifty years on forward is far enough back in history Johnson, Bushes, and Obama will be immortalized.

We have different understandings of how POTUS works. Since 1898, Teddy Roosevelt, the wealthy families have completely controlled the president and Secretary of State. So that is a major reason why I think Rand just doesn't get it. It is a myth that anyone can become POTUS. As Carroll Quigley wrote, the two-party system was designed so the clueless Americans could, "vote the rascals out". That is what is really behind my 'experience' comments. These guys have all the money in the world and experience. Rand can't compete.

I happen to disagree with you that Rand has some great character as well. I see nothing redeeming about him or his character. He is a good speaker. But I hate politicians. Except Ron, who was hardly a politician.

If Rand was a business executive I would think a bit different too. But going from being an eye doctor to president of a 3 trillion dollar war machine is laughable to me. If he were Obama, at least he would have a puppet master. I think Rand is naive.

But as I keep saying, it is not about the experience to me. I do not want to pay to murder folks. It is immoral to me - whether individually or collectively. So I love Ron. Rand's voting record on foreign policy is a disaster in my opinion. So I would never vote for him anyway, so the point is mute.

I think you would love that history class I linked. Murray goes into politics and their relation to economics, religion and industry. It is fabulous. Not that you don't know a ton already but Murray is one of a kind. History from an Austrian's view is invaluable.

I hope Rand's voting improves. But its like anything, once you compromised your principles a few times there little to stop you from continuing. So I will work towards liberty outside the political means.

I think its good to have civil conversations about this, so thanks.