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We just need a valid cause of action

to get to the jury. A valid cause of action happens everytime "law enforcement" seizes our liberty (in this case liberty is our time) without probable cause from consent of the governed. The smarter move is to wait for the admitted felonies the tyrants commit on the record. This strengthens the reason for thorough pursuit of Justice. Once one understands the law then getting the bcrats to admit to felonies is REALLY EASY. They do it all the time because they do not know what the law is. The thing is I have tried to reach the Jury here in Cali and the bureaucrats subvert my process to the Jury everytime. Little do these Bcrats know that I fully anticipated this from the beginning of my journey to justice and I am conducting criminal investigations and building dossiers on these individual criminal bcrats for eventual obstruction of Justice criminal accusations against each one of them. I will be moving carefully and thoroughly through every slave maze direction they point me in and thoroughly documented this process in order to show how they send me around in circles for the very intent and purpose of obstructing justice in order to protect their racketeering scheme. This is is the beautiful part about utilizing our courts properly is that we can operate locally and can thoroughly identify each and every individual who are committing these crimes. I will eventually push to the maximum to actually get this in front of the Jury but for now their slave maze gives vast amounts of intelligence and valid causes of action against a wide swath of criminals.

The hard part is getting a Jury of peers to hear the case. Most people in America are brainwashed. However, this is where larger movements like the Ron Paul people could push this concept to complete and total victory if they could realize how are the real protections of law actually works and realize that they are now right where the establishment wants them; in politics and not in the Juries. Imagine 10-40 million people across this country doing this constantly and completely independently. The criminals would be in prison within a matter of months and the other criminal bcrats would begin to think twice about continuing their criminal activity. When the people fear their government there is tyranny when the Government fears the People there is Liberty. They are going to have to be scared sh!tless of the people before they stop and warfare doesn't scare them. Losing power from proper Law and Justice is what scares them. The answer seems obvious when one really thinks it through to its end.

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...