Comment: There are 2 simple answer to that question

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There are 2 simple answer to that question

1. Man invented and claims to have the exact time as to when we revolve around the sun each year when this is all speculation. If scientists could prove to you and me that it's exact in anyway, I would lead you to point number two.

2. Since the fall in the garden of eden a curse was placed on the universe. It says in the Bible that when Jesus returns in the near future that he will create a "new heaven and new earth" meaning that heaven(space) will be made new again. So to answer your question... why did God create it out of sync? It's very logical that God did create time in sync with the universe but after the fall of Adam and Even when they ate the fruit with the curse of death and thorns and thistles and coliding galaxies and planets and stars blowing up and even the very essence of our planets movements were probably altered so that now it doesn't make a perfect revolution around that sun starting at sunset and ending at sunset.

There is lots of evidence from creationists that try to answer questions like these.
Here's a video that explains how Darwin also looked at the universe in a similar way and how when looking at what the Bible says and what nature shows to us, that there must have been a change in the way things were before the fall to the way they are after the fall: