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I hope you find this second page (((((dducky))))))

I did not want to join the GOP. I just knew that Ron Paul was not going to leave the GOP and if I wanted to really support Ron Paul, I needed to join the GOP.. so I have, and have advanced very quickly, as I think anyone who has had any experience with committees would.

On the convention floor are many groups who are part of the GOP, and we are part of it. What is happening now is the Tea Party.. the group who liked everything about Ron Paul BUT his foreign policy, really like Rand.. and Rand is definately of principle and definately shaking up the GOP.. in CA, the tea party wore yellow ribbons and were complaining about what we were complainging about.. so they did nothing and now they wear yellow ribbons and write fare thee well GOP letters. This is why someone like me is able to climb so quickly. I guess I have a thicker skin and don't take it personally.

Rand's stands are based on the constitution, and he is doing an excellent job EXTRACTING us from the MIC with his fillibuster and laws, for example industrail hemp..

It's not like Rand, or me, or any liberty candidate made the GOP what it is.. we are in there to change the GOP and that is what we are doing. We are really well aware of how rotton some are.

It's not just Rand.. it's people like me who are backing Rand in the GOP.. this is a good fight.. I just hate to see you on the side of Rove (who said he gave Rand $2.9 million)