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Comment: No Honey yet since I got them

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No Honey yet since I got them

No Honey yet since I got them late in the year they needed it for the winter. Plus I supplemented them a bit in the fall too. They are very therapeutic. Sometimes I just sit and watch them work its relaxing and there is almost like a spiritual connection it seems. The girls work hard and are good at it. I cannot find a bloom or blossom anywhere but they are finding pollen somewhere. Not a lot but they amazingly can find some.

It's easier then you think. I recommend the natural method as opposed to the conventional (commercial) method. Less work and better for the bees IMO. Feel free to ask me any questions. I did as you are doing I read a lot of stuff and watched a lot of you tubes and then dived in. Natural bee keepers are not losing half their colonies like commercial bee keepers are. here is a good site on it:

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